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Titles System: Harshland & Others:

List of Titles:

Hidden-Dragon -Den

And for those of you that have not found the "Hidden Dragons Den" or just want to see some great shots of it - check this out: 

Where is Jintao?

Faction level 3 with a Faction Base 

If you are interesting in joining our faction here are some things you need to know about us:

 1. We are a fun and friendly faction
 2. We love helping each other
 3. We are a no stress laid back kind of faction but we do expect you to respect your fellow guild members.
Note: To get help in this faction (to level, build passive skills, and kill bosses),you must also help others as well. We use a dkp system. Its a system where you earn points by particitation in faction events. Faction events such as signing up for boss day events, participation in collecting herbs/mats on special days which are posted on the calendar. These points that you earn  can then be use to purchase items from the faction banks such as mats to build passive skills, mats to make armor, skill books, hp food, hyperstones, and miscellaneous items. To learn more about the dkp system you need to be a member and read about it on the bank page.

Some Rules you need to know Before you join us.
     1. We try to keep our conversation clean and fun
     2. We like to joke around in a light-hearted care free style
     3. Character role playing is acceptable and encouraged
         (as long as it is kept clean)
     4. You must register on our website
              (incomplete applications will not be approved)
     5. You must be lvl 60 or higher

Before you join, Please read the rules our faction voted on to comply by 
  Follow link -  Rules

Enjoy!To check out the faction in game play, go to and down load the game, we are on the Sanctuary Server.

Important fact to know about  a good is not the leader that makes the faction - it is all the people in the faction(including the leader) that make the faction good. Everyone has to be actively involved for it to work well.

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